Optimise every individual transaction with intelligent routing

Every transaction is unique and as a leading merchant, your payment workflow needs the flexibility and agility to adapt in real-time.

With BR-DGE's payment orchestration platform, you can dynamically route the payment journey based on card details e.g. BIN / IIN, currency, time of day, transaction value and more. This not only reduces transaction costs and improves the customer experience but ensures greater authorisation rates and improves resilience of your payment workflow against technology outages.

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Maximise the potential of your payment workflow

At BR-DGE we empower merchants to take control of their end-to-end payment journey, and with intelligent routing, you can fully optimise your workflow.

Intelligent routing enables merchants to build a multi-acquirer strategy which provides you with the ultimate flexibility within your payment process. This enables you to negotiate the best rates, elevate pass rates, whilst also designing a robust and resilient process, in case of technical outages, all through one single API.

Utilising defined criteria, from rule-based routing by currency, merchant, or card type, through to dynamic routing based on transaction volume, acceptance performance and transaction insight, BR-DGE maximises the success of each customer conversion.

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Intelligent routing across a diverse ecosystem of payment providers

If you’re looking to grow your business globally, enter new markets, deliver a great customer experience, or negotiate better commercial rates, the right payment partners are essential.

With BR-DGE intelligent routing, merchants can access multiple gateways, PSPs (Payment Service Provider), card schemes, alternative payment methods and payment services, through one single integration.

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Create your own rules with your own data

Your payment journey is unique to your business and through data and management insight, you can respond in real-time to optimise your payments experience.

Whether it is monitoring acquiring rates and using commercial leverage to negotiate, navigating technical outages or load balancing across peak trading periods, the BR-DGE management reporting suite can provide the intel you need to maximise your workflows, utilising intelligent routing.

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