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BR-DGE Solutions

Payment orchestration isn’t here to disrupt the acquiring landscape, it’s here to deliver value for all players in the payment ecosystem. Or at least that’s how we approach it at BR-DGE.

Acquirers and PSPs face rising competition from fintech start-ups and other financial institutions that offer advanced payment solutions and value-added services. At the same time, merchant acquiring has become commoditised and merchant attrition can be high. BR-DGE offers a way to tackle these challenges head-on, through our white-label payment orchestration solution.

Gain new revenue streams

Increase merchant loyalty

Broaden your capabilities

Modernise your tech stack

There is growing merchant demand for integrated, end-to-end payment solutions. BR-DGE white-label solution allows you to meet this demand, while still owning the merchant relationship.

Our enterprise-grade technology and experience makes BR-DGE an ideal partner for Tier 1 and 2 acquiring banks, PSPs and gateways. Our platform is designed to be a seamlessly integrated infrastructure layer, enabling you to access and offer a range of modular products that are branded and designed around your existing user experience.

Overcome your technology challenges and outpace market disruptors by evolving your existing infrastructure. Our white-label payment orchestration solution can easily integrate with your existing infrastructure, while you continue to own the merchant relationship. Our solution can also adapt with growing transaction volumes and diverse merchant needs across multiple industries and regions.

Expand your routing reach and capabilities, to deliver greater flexibility, resilience and commercial benefits for your merchants. Offer smart routing with layered rules to help your merchants optimise costs and uplift acceptance.

Leverage payment orchestration technology to simplify your payment stack and processes, with minimal resources. Consolidate your existing connectivity under one connection and gain a holistic view of all payments, data, costs and performance in one portal.