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Payment provider solutions

Modernise payments technology

The payments ecosystem is evolving fast and payment providers need innovative solutions to differentiate their services and keep up with merchant demand.

BR-DGE’s white-label solution enables you to modernise and future-proof your existing payments stack with minimal technical uplift, while still owning the merchant customer relationship.

Mitigate the time, resource and complexities of adding new payment methods and other payment services.

Augment your existing stack by consolidating your existing integrations under one connection and add new payment methods and services to easily keep up with new merchant and consumer demands. 

Deliver a seamless front-end experience on behalf of your merchants, by uplifting your interface and checkout pages, while delivering real-time APM and acquirer routing management behind the scenes.

Tap into broader connectivity with hundreds of third-party payment providers to unlock new revenues, broaden geographic reach and optimise acceptance for your merchants. 

Reduce your churn rate by offering the benefits of payment orchestration to your merchants, delivering differentiation and more customer value through transaction routing, custom payment flows, greater commercial leverage, centralised tokenisation and more.