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Unified payment data reporting

To evolve your customer experience and drive increased revenues, you need a centralised view of all your data.

BR-DGE Insights collates payment data from your online channels and provides a digestible 360-degree view of it, all in one location.

Cover all your real-time reporting needs and eliminate the guesswork, using our comprehensive dashboards. View key metrics and detailed reports on payment successes, failures, transaction performance, acquiring rates, and volumes.

Even marginal gains can have a massive impact on profitability. A singular view of all transaction data allows you to understand the efficiency of your payments and spot opportunities to optimise costs and acceptance rates.

BR-DGE Insights enables you to analyse payments performance, track trends, highlight peak trading challenges and consolidate customer returns data effortlessly. This enables you to proactively adapt in line with business and market changes.

Name, address, deposit ID, amount, currency

Token captured, token type, token status 

Gateway or payment provider, authorisation, standardised decline, validation and response codes

3DS2 flows and fraud prevention solutions

Ready to take your payments to the next level with BR-DGE Insights?

The BR-DGE payment orchestration platform has extensive capabilities, from real-time data reporting to an extensive routing engine, network tokenisation services and access to over 400 connections across the entire payments ecosystem.

Accessed via a single API connection, BR-DGE Insights makes it easier to report on your payments data, drive informed business decisions and optimise your end-to-end payment journey. Contact our team to discuss your organisation’s unique requirements.


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