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Simple integration to BR-DGE

Integrating with BR-DGE technology couldn’t be easier. Our integration options are not mutually exclusive, so you can access part or all of our solutions, depending on your business needs.

With hosted and non-hosted integration setups, you choose how to connect to our technology depending on what you want to leverage from the BR-DGE platform. Our team is available to provide expert advice and guidance at every stage of the process.

BR-DGE APIs and SDKs provide a single integration point for accessing the BR-DGE payment ecosystem. Minimise the need for updates to your payment integrations and avoid customer disruption when changing third-party providers.

All solutions are compatible with web, Android Mobile, and iOS Mobile environments and are designed to drop into your existing workflow.

Retain control of your payment page and tap into one or more of our Web SDKs pluggable modules.

Hosted Fields, UI elements, automations, built-in documentation

Native binding to the BR-DGE REST API

Compatible with Web and Android/iOS Mobile

Outsource your entire payment page to BR-DGE in order to reduce development and operational costs.

Automatically kept up to date

Secure, PCI-compliant and customisable

Personalised payment method offering

Integrate via our REST API, our most flexible integration pathway, with the option of also using Web SDK or Hosted Payment Page.

Excellent compatibility with existing platforms

Minimum disruption to existing infrastructure

Consistent documentation and high-level use guides

BR-DGE is a PCI Level 1 certified service provider. By using checkout integration solutions such as our hosted fields or hosted payment checkout, BR-DGE will securely handle sensitive data in a PCI-compliant manner on your behalf.

This means sensitive card data never touches your servers, which minimises your PCI-DSS scope and reduces time and cost on compliance activities. 

Full control and protection of all sensitive data throughout the integration process.

Scalability to accommodate increased transaction volumes and support your growth.

Minimised exposure to PCI-DSS requirements to reduce your compliance scope.

Progressive design, allowing for simple integrations to evolve into more complex ones.

Backward compatibility for seamless transitions and compatibility with existing integrations.

Transparent and meaningful responses, including clear error messages and informative logs.

User-friendly validation and messaging for a seamless integration experience.

Ready to expand your payments ecosystem connectivity?

The BR-DGE payment orchestration platform has extensive capabilities, from real-time data reporting to an extensive routing engine, network tokenisation services and access to over 400 connections across the entire payments ecosystem.

BR-DGE Integrate ensures fast access to the entire BR-DGE platform, helping you build an agile, high-performing, payment experience.
Contact our team to discuss your organisation’s unique requirements.


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