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Merchant Solutions

Enhance infrastructure

Adding new payment solutions and partners to your payment stack is costly, time-consuming, and technically complex. Our payment orchestration platform removes that pain, enabling enterprise merchants to easily tap into all the technology, payment methods, and connections needed to innovate at speed and adapt with ease.

With BR-DGE, you can connect to virtually any payment service through a single API integration. You can build a resilient multi-acquirer payment strategy, add enhanced fraud management, build reporting capabilities into your payment processes and much more. 

You don’t need an extensive tech team, or long lead time – we offer clicks-not-code implementation to make implementing new features simple.


Avoid redirects and present a smooth, brand-aligned checkout process for your customers by taking our hosted payment page, or enhance your existing checkout with our hosted fields integration behind the scenes. Add and customise the payment methods you want to support in each market and you’re ready to go.


If you want to enter new markets, increase your customer base, or create great customer experiences, the right payment partners are essential.

With BR-DGE, merchants can access hundreds of gateways, PSPs, card schemes, alternative payment methods and payment services, through a single integration.

Keep your existing payment partners, extend them or replace them entirely – we will build your payment flows in line with your needs.