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BR-DGE Solutions

Payments may not be your core business, but that doesn’t mean they have to be a drain. There’s now an easy way for you to not only centralise your payments connections, but build on them to offer a full range of payment services for your merchants.

BR-DGE’s white-label payment orchestration solution enables platform businesses to simplify payment processes and extend them, to build new revenue streams with ease.

Reduce payment complexity and costs

Broaden your payments services

Monetise payments through referral fees 

Move your existing direct gateway, scheme connections, APMs and fraud integrations into a single connection with BR-DGE. You can then couple with smart routing, front-end optionality and a branded back-end portal.

There’s no need to have a direct relationship with the payment schemes, or to manage the ongoing complexity of direct integrations.

Reduce your PCI scope, offer token-linked services to your merchants and open new revenue opportunities through added capabilities.

Managing multiple payment integrations and providers is a time-consuming and expensive drain that can prevent you from focusing on your core business.

Working with BR-DGE enables you to extend your reach and with innovate with ease by aggregating payment methods and processes. Consolidate your connections and offer a tailored front-end payment experience that fits with your brand.

Meet the diverse payment processing needs of your merchants by offering the best third-party integrations and solutions through a single connection – all under your own brand.

Leverage commercial advantage and open up new revenue streams through extended payments services that help build stronger relationships with your merchants.