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Smart routing

Every transaction is unique, so your payment workflow needs the flexibility and agility to adapt. BR-DGE Optimise enables greater control over your payments, helping you save over 10% on acquiring fees and up to 37% on payment costs, depending on your market and chosen payment methods.

Enhance the end-user experience by minimising declined and failed payments. Build-in failover options, relevant authentication methods and route based on risk profile.

Create tailored workflows by layering routing rules based on transaction parameters that will elevate authorisation rates and optimise costs. Seamlessly route to different pay-in and pay-out methods to break the traditional lock-in loop.

Set default PSP priority order for when no other rules are used or triggered 

Set currency or currency & value pair rules to route to a set PSP

Use load balancing to split volume across configured payment providers

Enable cascading of rules through a ruleset until a qualifying rule is found

Maximise efficiency behind the scenes while providing your customers with a consistent, familiar payment experience, tailored to their preferences, regardless of the underlying payment workflow.

Redirect transactions based on set criteria, to maximise acceptance, automatically distribute payment volume and mitigate peak trading challenges.

Create greater resilience in case of service downtime and ensure customer transactions are completed without delay or friction. 

Route to the most appropriate pay-in or out provider, to optimise for both authorisation rates and cost.

Ready to maximise your payment workflow with BR-DGE Optimise?

The BR-DGE payment orchestration platform has extensive capabilities from real-time data reporting to an extensive routing engine, network tokenisation services and access to over 400 connections across the entire payments ecosystem. Accessed via a single API connection, BR-DGE Optimise empowers you to take control of your end-to-end payment journey, optimising every step of the payment workflow.

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