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Tokenise and protect payments

To build customer loyalty and revenue growth, you need to securely capture and store your customers’ payment details and support a smooth payment process, while screening for fraud and authenticating the customer in the background.

BR-DGE provides access to a range of interoperable solutions that can help you address these challenges, to strike the right balance between risk and revenue.

Siloed payment data can only provide limited value.

BR-DGE enables you to capture, store and tokenise payment credentials, creating a smooth payment experience while protecting data.

Tokenisation reduces risk from data breaches, minimises declines and drives the technology behind convenient one-click payment services, like mobile wallets.

Only using tokens issued by your PSP or gateway can limit your ability to adapt your payments strategy.

We enable merchants to design a more flexible payment process, with the ability to move your vault as and when your needs change.

With centralised tokenisation, you can flex your pay-in and pay-out routing, or even change providers, and still maintain control of your tokens to continually transact with ease.

BR-DGE Vault supports both network tokens and gateway/PSP tokens, uniting different token types and services under one solution.

This hybrid approach supports greater interoperability and flexibility to ensure better acceptance and control over your payment flows.

Our solution is available as a standalone module and is fully interoperable with any platform or token service.


Our secure token vault is PCI-DSS compliant, helping you to protect your customer’s data and remove the risk of storing card-on-file details. It can also provide additional resilience, allowing tokens to be used via an alternate route, in the event of a technical outage with one of your providers. 

While tokenisation protects payment data where it’s stored, fraud still occurs through many other channels and methods. To keep sales flowing while managing risk, merchants need to deploy holistic fraud screening.

That’s why we pre-integrate market-leading fraud prevention solutions with our core orchestration platform, enabling our merchants to build layers of fraud protection without injecting friction for genuine customers.

Robust authentication of customers is both a revenue-protecting necessity and a regulatory mandate. BR-DGE can work with any 3D Secure provider, to ensure your authentication needs are met and you can deliver the seamless checkout experience your customers expect.


Merchants who choose to work with our full range of orchestration services will benefit from secure resilient routing, tokenisation, authentication and fraud prevention solutions, with full flexibility to adapt their setup as needed.

This powerful combination helps to keep authorisations high and costs, fraud losses and processing fees low.