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Payment provider solutions


With ever-evolving consumer preferences, more merchants are looking for cost-effective ways to adapt and innovate without the complexity of managing multiple relationships and integrations.

By offering routing-as-a-service to your merchants, you can reduce your churn rate, unlock new revenues and gain a competitive edge.

Provide your merchants with routing-as-a-service to optimise their payment costs and support high authorisation rates through tailored transaction pathway.

Don’t leave yourself open to scheme or regulator fines. Proactively predict and manage your merchant’s exposure to fraud or financial losses to manage your overall risk appetite and portfolio performance. 

Avoid disruption for your merchants and their customers. Give your merchants greater routing options to reduce processing delays, avoid bottlenecks, minimise false declines and improve resilience against outages. 

Go beyond your current market remit, offer greater connectivity with access to hundreds of third-party payment providers, to unlock new revenues, streamline integration processes and enter new markets with ease.