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Powerful partnerships
that drive innovation

The BR-DGE payment orchestration platform was specifically built to be vendor-agnostic. This ensures we can work with any third-party provider or payment method that our customers want. This approach lets us provide seamless access to a global ecosystem of payment services through a single integration, tailored to each customers’ needs.

We aim to deliver value and interoperability across the whole payments ecosystem.  

To achieve this vision, we work with payment innovators and experts, to problem-solve, seize opportunities and build efficient bridges between merchants and the payment providers who serve them. 

These partnerships take many forms, from technical integrations to commercial and referral relationships. 

We already have a strong network of over 40 partners, with around 400 ongoing connections to PSPs, acquirers, gateways, payment methods and value-added services.  From payment companies like Visa and Worldline to fraud prevention solutions like Kount, our partnerships are core to building a diverse, resilient payments ecosystem.

Partnering with BR-DGE isn’t just about bringing new services to our own merchants. We’re also invested in making our partnerships mutually beneficial, by opening up broader commercial opportunities and joint initiatives.


For Acquirers, PSPs, Gateways and Platforms, BR-DGE can also offer a comprehensive white-label solution that allows us to partner in a very different capacity. Payment partners seeking to uplift their own payments services and infrastructure can do so by taking selected modules or our entire platform to augment your own solutions.

Offer routing-as-a-service, access targeted merchant volumes, enhance your merchant interface, and add greater connectivity in the back-end while keeping your brand experience up front.

BR-DGE can handle large volumes and payment processing peak times, making it ideal for large enterprises. Our technology is reliable and robust, ensuring uninterrupted service even during high-traffic periods.

This ensures our customers and partners can confidently manage their payment operations and services. 

Could you be our next partner? 

At BR-DGE we partner with a wide range of PSPs, acquirers, card schemes, APMs, payment service providers and consultancies, as part of our valued ecosystem.

Think we would make a good team? Talk to one of our BR-DGE Builders.