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Optimise payments

In the fast-moving ecommerce environment, you need the ability to make dynamic, real-time changes to maximise the efficiency of your payment processes.

Whether you are looking to negotiate the best rates for international acquiring, improve conversion rates or implement a failover solution, BR-DGE empowers you to optimise your costs, acceptance rates and payment flows.

Avoid supplier lock-in and build a successful multi-acquirer strategy. Our routing engine provides flexibility across your payments processes, all via a single integration. BR-DGE can connect to your choice of gateways, PSPs and acquirers, supporting the best performing and most cost-effective route for each payment method, country and risk profile.

This not only reduces transaction costs and improves processing speed but ensures greater authorisation rates and provides resilience against technology outages.


Every transaction is unique and to keep transactions moving efficiently, your payment workflow needs the flexibility and agility to adapt in real-time.

With BR-DGE’s payment orchestration platform, you can dynamically route your payments at an individual transaction level using layered rules, including parameters such as issuer, BIN / IIN, currency, time of day, transaction value and more. 


Maximising payments acceptance is also reliant on having the right checkout experience at the front-end. BR-DGE enables you to tailor the payment methods you offer, in line with customer payment preferences.

Our single API integration connects merchants with over 100 payment providers and over 200 alternative payment methods, from e-wallets to card schemes and Buy Now Pay Later solutions. Test, add and innovate with new payment solutions at unmatched speed.