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Easy access to the ecosystem

Whether you are building a resilient multi-acquirer payment process or looking to add greater fraud management or reporting capabilities to your payment strategy, BR-DGE Connect is the single connection that opens a wealth of opportunities.

Through one integration, BR-DGE Connect provides a flexible, low-to-no-effort solution real-time access to more than 100 different PSPs, over 300 payment methods, fraud solutions, and more.

Rapidly integrate new service offerings and design your payment workflow utilising a suite of pay-in and pay-out methods. Reduce development time and integration costs by up to 88% through clicks-not-code implementation.

Our multi-cloud, multi-region infrastructure ensures low-no latency support worldwide, enabling any enterprise merchant, payment provider, or partner to use our platform. We also support all currencies handled by your chosen payment provider.

Boost resilience with technical failover capabilities

Expand internationally, whilst providing a localised payment experience

Leverage commercial advantage with a flexible multi-acquirer strategy

Streamline integration with hundreds of payment services and methods

Ready to expand your payments ecosystem? 

The BR-DGE payment orchestration platform offers extensive capabilities, from real-time data reporting to an extensive routing engine, network tokenisation services and access to over 400 connections across the entire payments ecosystem.

Accessed via a single API connection, BR-DGE Connect ensures fast access to the global payments ecosystem, supporting you to build an agile, high-performing, payment experience. Contact our team to discuss your organisation’s unique requirements.


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