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Your piece of the orchestration opportunity

More merchants are looking to leverage payment orchestration solutions. BR-DGE White Label enables you to seize this opportunity and offer payment orchestration services under your own brand name.

Utilise greater connectivity with hundreds of third-party payment providers to reduce the cost of new integrations and enter new markets with ease.

Mitigate regulatory and payment scheme demands by reducing internal technical uplift, streamlining integration processes and minimising resource allocation.

Reduce your churn rate by offering the benefits of payment orchestration to your merchant customers, from transaction routing to centralised tokenisation and more.

Integrate BR-DGE payment orchestration technology into your products and services and keep up with innovations in the payments ecosystem. 

  • Compete with UX-first offerings with no extra resources 
  • Expand your integration options 
  • Offer a white label gateway into own acquiring services where it doesn’t exist today 
  • Expand your connectivity and easily add third-party solutions
  • Consolidate gateways behind one connection
  • Generate revenue through additional merchant services
  • Routing-as-a-service for optimal cost and payments performance
  • Service markets and payment types outside of current remit 
  • Provide better resilience against outages 
  • Enable PCI-compliant centralised tokenisation for your merchants 
  • Avoid volume shifts to Network Token enabled providers 
  • Mitigate the impact of scheme fee changes 
  • Provide a holistic view of payments whilst still owning the relationship 
  • Offer real-time APM and acquirer routing management 
  • Modernise existing offering with no technical uplift 
  • Dedicated Customer Success team
  • Consultancy Services
  • Comprehensive tech support

Interested in BR-DGE White-label? 

The BR-DGE payment orchestration platform has extensive capabilities from real-time data reporting to an extensive routing engine, network tokenisation services and access to over 400 connections across the entire payments ecosystem.

BR-DGE White-label enables you to enhance and own the payment journey for your merchants, accelerate your growth, and strengthen your payment capabilities.

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