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BR-DGE Solutions

Overcoming payment challenges is vital for enhancing your bottom line. High transaction costs, integration complexities, disparate systems, compliance, fraud losses and cart abandonment are among the biggest issues merchants face. You can also mitigate them all through payment orchestration technology.

Whether your aim is to enhance reliability, expand global reach, or drive cost efficiencies, BR-DGE payment orchestration gives enterprise merchants the flexibility and resilience to succeed.

Intelligently route your transactions based on layered rules 

Break the pay-in, pay-out loop to maximise payments efficiency

Enhance data security and acceptance rates with network tokenisation

Build-in resilience to reduce payment failures

Our payment orchestration platform was built for scale and flexibility. That’s why it’s trusted by enterprise merchants across the digital goods, retail, travel, transport and gaming sectors. 

With BR-DGE, you can cut the cost and complexity of managing multiple providers. Access as many payment methods and services as you need, through one interface.

Build the tailored checkout experiences you need for your customers, while optimising the efficiency of the payment flow behind the scenes.

Adding new payment solutions and partners to your payment stack is costly, time-consuming and complex. Our solutions remove that pain, enabling enterprise merchants to tap into all the technology, payment methods and connections needed to innovate at speed and adapt with ease.

No need for an extensive tech team, or long lead time – we offer a clicks-not-code implementation approach to help you deliver new features fast.

Many factors affect the success of your payment strategy – and how much they cost you. BR-DGE’s range of solutions gives merchants full control over payments performance, enabling you to optimise costs and uplift acceptance with tailored payment methods, smart routing processes, data insights and tokenisation.

Our payment orchestration layer helps you maximise your payment security without adding extra friction for your customers.  

Our centralised tokenisation solution, BR-DGE Vault, can be taken independently, or in conjunction with our broader ecosystem connectivity.  

Leverage third-party fraud prevention and authentication solutions from our expert partners, to shield your business and your customers from fraud.