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What is BR-DGE Payment Orchestration?

There’s payment orchestration and there’s BR-DGE.

Payment orchestration is a tool which empowers you to take back control of the payment journey by connecting to virtually any service through a single API connection.

Our solution sits as a layer between your e-commerce platform and the payment processor, opening up a wealth of innovation. BR-DGE enables merchants to reach new markets, respond to customer preferences, control and minimise payment transaction fees and ensure a continuous flow of payments; all through a centralised, independent platform that integrates seamlessly into existing processes.

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No, BR-DGE sits independently to payment service providers (PSP). BR-DGE is a payment orchestration platform that works as a layer between your website, e-commerce platform, App, Cashier or digital payment screen and the payment service provider(s).

Our platform provides an independent and flexible solution that enables merchants to access 100’s of payment service providers, acquirers and alternative payment methods, whilst centralising the payment workflow, allowing for intelligent routing, risk management, purchase reconciliation and more.

Find out more about our payment orchestration solution here.

Why do merchants use BR-DGE?

Utilising the BR-DGE payment orchestration platform gives merchants the freedom and flexibility to leverage commercial rates, innovate at speed, grow into new territories, and maximise data-driven decision making.

With BR-DGE, merchants can utilise the benefits of payment orchestration to:

  • Reduce payment failures with intelligent payment routing and redirect in real-time to capture more revenue
  • Give consumer’s the experience they want, convert more baskets, and elevate revenues with payment optionality
  • Provide real-time reporting of every payment on every BR-DGE finance functions are constantly updated
  • Avoid payment outages with built in resilience and secondary gateway failover retailers

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Does BR-DGE ever hold funds directly?

No, we’re a technology platform, utilising the BR-DGE payment orchestration platform, transactions are processed and flow seamlessly from your customer to your payment service provider / merchant account.

What currencies does BR-DGE support?

BR-DGE supports all currencies supported by your Payment Service Provider. Please contact your acquirer or payment service provider (PSP) for further information.

In what countries is the BR-DGE payment orchestration platform available?

Our multi-cloud, multi-region infrastructure allows BR-DGE to support clients across the globe with low-no latency, so no matter where your business is located, our service can be used by any enterprise merchant, PSP or partner involved in the payments workflow.

What payment methods does BR-DGE offer?

At BR-DGE our single API integration connects merchants with over 100 payment providers and over 200 alternative payment methods, from e-wallets to card schemes and Buy Now Pay Later solutions.

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How secure is BR-DGE?

Data security is in incredibly important to us at BR-DGE. Our platform supports merchants globally to process digital transactions and it is our goal to deliver the flexibility and agility you need, alongside complete peace of mind that your payments process is robust, resilient and secure.

Our payment orchestration platform is designed to be resilient, with multi-cloud, multi-region architecture and no downtime upon release deployment. With multiple, cloud-based servers, we ensure that our infrastructure will automatically and seamlessly switch to another server in case of any issues, so your service will not be interrupted.

We regularly conduct penetration testing across our platform, successfully testing volume capabilities to 10,000 transactions per second, to ensure our processes are resilient for scaling businesses.

For more information on our security and processes, get in touch with the team today.

Is BR-DGE PCI DSS Level 1 compliant?

BR-DGE is a PCI Level 1 certified service provider. Our certification of compliance is renewed on an annual basis and includes a full audit of our security practices and policies, as well as penetration testing accredited by the PCI council.

How do I integrate with BR-DGE?

The BR-DGE payment orchestration platform can be integrated through a web, Android or iOS SDK which is fully customisable and can be styled to your requirements or a server-to-server single API integration.

Once integrated, BR-DGE offers a clicks not code solution, to enable you to easily connect to hundreds of payment service providers, acquirers and payment options for your customers.

To find out more about our integration visit our API documentation or get in touch with one of our BR-DGE Builders for a demo.

What is a payment gateway?

A payment gateway is a merchant service utilised to accept debit or credit card purchases from customers in a secure and compliant fashion. The payment gateway is a key component of electronic payment processing, as it is the front-end technology that initiates the payments workflow, sending customer information to the merchant acquiring bank where the transaction can be processed.

BR-DGE works with and connects to a number of payment gateways to allow this process flow to continue seamlessly.

What is a merchant account?

A merchant account is a specific type of bank account for businesses which is set up with your acquirer bank. This account gives you the ability to accept payments from credit and debit cards.

What is intelligent routing and what are the benefits?

Utilising intelligent routing enables merchants to maximise their transaction efficiency, pass rate and margins throughout the payment workflow.

With BR-DGE’s payment orchestration platform, merchants have the flexibility and agility to intelligently route the payment journey based on card details e.g. BIN / IIN, currency, time of day, transaction value and more. This not only reduces transaction costs and improves the customer experience but ensures greater authorisation rates and improves resilience of your payment workflow against technology outages.

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What is a multi-acquirer strategy?

A multi-acquirer strategy is when a single merchant has more than one account with more than one acquirer, which processes credit, debit or alternative payment methods.

For merchants, adopting a multi-acquirer strategy provides greater flexibility and agility within your payment process. This enables you to negotiate the best rates, elevate pass rates, intelligently route payments based on set criteria, such as currency, location or transaction volume, whilst also designing a robust and resilient process, in case of technical outages.

At BR-DGE we support global brands to develop their multi-acquirer strategy. Utilising BR-DGE’s payment orchestration platform, merchants can access a wealth of payment service providers and acquirers through one single API.

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What is tokenisation?

Tokenisation is the process of storing and securing your sensitive customer data by replacing it with non-sensitive equivalent (a token), which has no exploitable value. Tokenisation is utilised in payments to provide protection for sensitive payment information, such as credit card or bank account information.

With BR-DGE’s PCI compliant card vault you can capture, store and tokenise payment methods, creating a smooth, frictionless payment experience without putting data at risk. With centralised tokenisation, our ‘universal token’ enables merchants to be flexible in directing card payments to any payment service provider, reducing the risk of supplier lock-in.

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What’s driving demand for payment orchestration?

Consumers expect a smooth and secure checkout experience no matter where they shop. To meet this demand, merchants want to enhance customer experiences and introduce innovation. However, to achieve this, they need to collaborate with new partners, control costs and create sustainable new revenue streams.

Enterprise merchants are moving to a multi-acquirer approach to give them the capabilities and control they need. Payment orchestration empowers them to do this effortlessly and adapt to changing customer needs.

Acquirers and payment providers can also use orchestration to directly offer these services to merchants, to provide a competitive edge and adopt technology that drives business growth.