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Platform solutions

Monetise payments

Payments might not be a core service for platform businesses, but that doesn’t mean they have to be a drain. BR-DGE offers a way for you to own a piece of the payments orchestration opportunity, to monetise downstream services and deliver valuable new payment services to your merchants.

Access a diverse ecosystem of payment services to open up your options and leverage better fee structures and referral income from downstream payment providers.

BR-DGE can offer the connections you need and facilitate commercial agreements that help you turn payments into revenue.

By using our payment orchestration platform and branding it as your own, you can provide your merchants with a competitive and cost-effective payments solution, without building the technology yourself.

By broadening your capabilities and offering additional services to your customers, you can create loyalty and build longer-term merchant relationships.


Expand your payments product portfolio and open up new revenue streams by offering a full range of payment solutions with minimal technical effort. Attract new merchants by offering routing-as-a-service, customisable checkout processes and support new market entry, with an extensive array of payment methods and currencies.

With the BR-DGE white-label solution, our clicks-not-code implementation approach, means you can innovate at pace and still own the customer relationship.