Maximise your payments data

In a digital world, we have become accustomed to maximising performance data to optimise our workflows, improve commercial leverage and increase customer engagement; and the same goes for payments.

With the BR-DGE data suite, you can collate, analyse and proactively act on data and rich reports in real-time.

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Measure the success of your payment strategy

With fierce online competition and growing accessibility to goods and services globally, even marginal gains can have a massive impact on profitability and payment performance. Knowledge is power and aggregated insights with all your payments analytics accessible through a centralised platform removes the guesswork.

With BR-DGE payment orchestration you can leverage a 360-degree view of all data and transactions from one central management reporting suite. That means you can make decisions based on true and real-time data that is easy to access and assess the impact of campaigns to see how to optimise for the future.

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Leverage rich insight and data reporting

In order to optimise, adapt and innovate, you need tangible insight into current performance.

From a bespoke-designed dashboard highlighting your key metrics, through to detailed, in-depth reports on payment failure, transaction performance, acquiring rates, volume and more, the BR-DGE payment orchestration data suite has your real-time reporting covered.

With valuable insight into the performance of your payment strategy, you use data to drive decisions, maximising the wider suite of payment orchestration functionality, including intelligent routing workflows and a wealth of integrations across the payment’s ecosystem.

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Consolidate and centralise all reporting

With a wealth of tools and technology at your disposal, it can be challenging to consolidate reporting and centralise one singular view of transaction data.

With the BR-DGE payment orchestration reporting suite, we aggregate all payment related performance data through one single integration, into a tangible, ready-to-use report.

Merchants are not only able to analyse existing performance, but track trends, highlight peak trading challenges and consolidate customer returns data.

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