Expand your payment journey across the globe

The increasing demand for products and services has driven customers to purchase from further afield. This means that merchants are no longer limited to their own national borders, bringing stacks of opportunities in a growing global ecommerce marketplace.

With BR-DGE, you can confidently expand into new territories, with the knowledge your global audience can pay for your products and services wherever they are and however they want to.

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Shop global, pay local

Merchants have greater access to international audiences for their products than ever before. As you seek to build your global audience, having a compelling payment process on your digital channels is expected, regardless of where you are in the world.

Cross-border digital commerce will create a wealth of new opportunities for your business but having the right payment structure is critical.

With BR-DGE payment orchestration, you can maximise your payment workflow through intelligent routing, optimise and activate local payment methods with ease and innovate at speed, to scale in new markets.

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Be at the forefront of international payment preference

Technology is making it easier than ever before for merchants to expand into international markets. Customers can browse global brands with ease and purchase goods from wherever they choose in the world, with a click of a button.

This creates great opportunity for merchants, but as you expand into new territories you need to ensure you offer just as personalised and streamlined a customer experience, no matter where in the world your customers are.

If you're embarking on international growth, you need to be able to evolve to offer the latest and most popular payment methods to suit your global audience.

With our simple to integrate Payment Orchestration Platform you have the agility and flexibility you need to expand your business across the globe, connecting to over 100 payment providers and 200 alternative payment methods. From e-wallets to card schemes and Buy Now Pay Later solutions, with BR-DGE you can deliver a truly global payments experience.

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Optimise your international transactions

Expanding your business globally can be a costly experience and require the time and technology to ensure your ecommerce channels are optimised for your new audience.

In order to expand internationally and at pace, you need the agility to innovate and adapt without limitations and the ability to negotiate the best rates for your transactions.

At BR-DGE we support global brands to develop their multi-acquirer strategy. This enables you to negotiate the best rates, elevate pass rates, intelligently route payments based on set criteria, such as currency, location or transaction volume, whilst also designing a robust and resilient process, in case of technical outages.

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