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global growth
and connectivity
through payment

BR-DGE is an innovation enabler for the payments ecosystem. We provide a technology anchor-point that empowers merchants, financiaI institutions, payment providers and platforms to increase revenue, optimise costs, and manage payments performance.







Working with BR-DGE means our customers have simple, secure access to a global selection of best-in-market payment technologies and providers. This connectivity is backed up by smart routing, data insights, customisable payment flows, tokenisation and flexible fraud solutions, to deliver a comprehensive range of benefits. 

Our platform is modular. It enables you to choose and customise the best tools for your business, even as your needs evolve.

Our customers have seen a variety of great results, including;


average saving on payments costs


reduction in development time and resources


rescued revenue from failed payments

Our payment orchestration technology is built for businesses throughout the value chain

BR-DGE focuses on listening to the market and building technology solutions that solve merchants’ and payment providers’ biggest challenges. Whether you’re facing challenges around efficiency, resilience, or revenue growth, we can provide the payments infrastructure to meet your needs.

BR-DGE Payment Orchestration is:

Built-for-purpose, scalable technology

Designed to drive interoperability, innovation and efficiency

Customer-led, with flexible, tailored flows

Platform-agnostic, creating value for the entire ecosystem

We power:

Optimisation of acceptance and costs

Simplified processes and speed to market

Resilient routing that captures revenue

Customisable payment flows

Secure, compliant tokenisation

BR-DGE was built purely for the purpose of payments orchestration. We are a completely independent, vendor-agnostic technology layer.

This allows us to facilitate a thriving merchant payments ecosystem that benefits all players in the value chain. 

By integrating with our independent payment orchestration platform, you can scale, break into new markets, introduce innovative features, optimise costs, and quickly adapt to changing consumer expectations.

We’re committed to building lasting partnerships and we work hard to build relationships with companies who share our values and deliver benefits to our customers.

While our partners add connectivity to our platform, we also work together to address wider payments challenges and opportunities. This is a big part of our commitment to delivering value to the whole value chain.

Get started with payment orchestration.

The BR-DGE payment orchestration platform has extensive capabilities, from real-time data reporting to an extensive routing engine, network tokenisation services and access to over 400 connections across the entire payments ecosystem.

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