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Episode 06: Curating partnerships as a platform for growth with Tom Voaden from BR-DGE


There is a strong argument that growth in the payments ecosystem comes from greater connectivity, transparency and partnership activity. As trends for merchants shift towards autonomy, flexibility and a greater need for interoperability, players across the ecosystem need to find ways to collaborate that orchestrate the best experience for all parties, with minimal challenge and friction.

In this podcast, Tom Voaden, Head of Partnerships and Channel Sales at BR-DGE explores the role partnerships play in the payments ecosystem and how orchestration is acting as an enabler to facilitate growth. Merchant and consumer expectations continue to evolve, so could it pay to be less competitive and more cooperative? Listen in to hear Tom's take...

To find out more about Tom and the BR-DGE partnership program, make sure to check out our ⁠⁠⁠⁠website.

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