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Episode 05: The rise of Open Banking with Charlotte Wise from American Express


Open Banking has become a popular phrase over the past few years with consumers and businesses alike. With merchants looking for solutions that can provide a simple, frictionless, customer-focused payment journey, it is no surprise that Open Banking is taking off. There’s a clear market need for greater financial control in this climate for consumers and Open Banking offers a great solution, providing clear transaction data instantly when making purchases.

In this episode, we are joined by Charlotte Wise, Sales Director for Pay with Bank TransferAmerican Express' leading Open Banking payments solution. Join us to find out more about the origins of Open Banking, how and why adoption is on the rise, and some insightful use cases for Open Banking, enabling consumers to pay how, when and where they want with greater transparency and flexibility.

To find out more about Charlotte and how the team at Pay with Bank Transfer are supporting merchants to provide checkout optionality, reduce payment costs and deliver a secure end-to-end payments experience, make sure to check out their ⁠check out their ⁠⁠⁠website.

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