Ensuring you make the right connections

For any business looking to scale, break into new markets, introduce innovative features or integrate with different platforms, the right payment structure can be a powerful enabler.

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Connect and transact with any payment service

An effective payments strategy is one that works for both your business and your customers. In order to design and deliver a robust and agile solution, you need to connect with the right payment partners.

Whether you are building a resilient multi-acquirer payment process or looking to add greater fraud management or review capabilities into your payment experience, BR-DGE is the one single connection that opens a wealth of opportunity.

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Build a resilient and agile payments process

The greatest form of resilience is flexibility. In the fast-moving ecommerce environment, it is vital you have the ability to make dynamic, real-time changes to maximise the efficiency of your payment processes.

With BR-DGE payment orchestration you can access more than 100 different payment service providers and acquirers, to build a robust payment ecosystem for your business. Whether you are looking to negotiate the best rates for international acquiring, elevate pass rates or implement a failover solution for technical outages, with BR-DGE the choice is yours.

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Offer your customers choice, with card scheme and alternative payment integrations

The modern-day customer is looking for more than just a product or service; they are looking for a hyper-personalised, convenient and meaningful shopping experience. With rising expectations, it is no surprise that customers looking for greater choice and flexibility about how, when and where they transact.

To ensure you connect and convert in every market, BR-DGE have integrations with over 200 card schemes and alternative payment methods. With digital payment methods on the rise and ecommerce buying behaviour continuously evolving, we ensure you future-proof your business and stay ahead of incoming payment trends, so your customers can always use their preferred payment method.

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Expand your payments ecosystem and partner with third party payment services

Your payment process is an extension of your customer experience. With greater digital transparency making it easy for customers to compare options, loyalty and trust is limited.

The payment experience offers a wealth of opportunity to strengthen customer relations, increase volume, capture verified reviews and manage fraud risk through third party payment integrations. With BR-DGE’s payment orchestration, it’s easy.

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Our partners enrich our payment orchestration marketplace and offer innovative solutions to resolve global payments challenges. Think we would make a great team?

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