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The Payments Resilience Challenge: Taking Out the Outages

Payment resilience challenge


In recent days, we’ve seen a number of technical outage issues affecting the payments capabilities of household names in the retail and food industries. This has underscored the critical importance of seamless payment processes.

When payment systems fail, it's not just a momentary inconvenience - it can lead to lost revenue, damaged reputation, and most importantly, frustrated customers. While tech issues are inevitable to some degree, they don’t have to force businesses to grind to a halt.

Spread the load and have a backup plan

Large merchants have shifted towards using multiple payment providers to handle the spread of their transaction volumes across various platforms and channels. Clearly, this is a sensible move that means they avoid having ‘all their eggs in one basket’. While it's a good step from a resilience point of view too, just having multiple providers isn’t enough to protect a merchants’ payment systems from outages.

An increasing number of merchants are now exploring payment orchestration technology as a way to protect again this kind of trading disruption. One significant advantage of orchestration is the ability to easily manage multiple providers and set up routing rules to optimises for resilience, as well as costs and authorisation rates.

Orchestration and smart routing technologies allow merchants to redirect their customer transactions to the best performing and most cost-effective route at the time of the transaction. Ultimately, this proactive approach prevents payment failures, safeguards revenue, and enhances customer satisfaction during checkout.

By integrating with multiple payment providers, payment orchestration solutions ensure that if one gateway or acquirer experiences an outage, transactions can seamlessly reroute to another. This failover setup minimises downtime and saves hard-earned revenue and customer satisfaction.

Ultimately, consumers expect smooth and hassle-free transactions – they don’t want to even be aware of any backend processing complexities. Payment orchestration provides a solution by ensuring any potential outages and re-routing processes remain invisible, ensuring a front-end experience that shows no glitches or delays.

How can BR-DGE Payment Orchestration help?

At BR-DGE, we understand the challenges businesses face in maintaining seamless payment processes. That's why our payment orchestration platform is designed to provide the resilience and peace of mind needed to navigate through tech issues and keep revenues flowing.

Our payment orchestration solution already supports enterprise level merchants such as First Group to stay on top of their digital payments and minimise any technical outages. Partnering with BR-DGE eliminates concerns about service failure, offering the capability to seamlessly transition between various service providers in case of downtime, ensuring uninterrupted transactions for customers.

It's a fact: technical glitches are inevitable, but they don't have to disrupt your operations. For businesses striving for seamless transactions and satisfied customers, BR-DGE can offer a solution. Serving as a single integration at the core of a robust payments system, BR-DGE streamlines operations, offering a resilient payments system for both the merchant and the end customer.

If you want to find out more about how BR-DGE can help your payment operations become more resilient, get in touch today.

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