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Meet the Partner: Vyne

Meet the Partner: Vyne


At BR-DGE we are proud to be building an independent payment orchestration platform which enables merchants to access a global marketplace of payment services through one single integration.

Our partners play a critical role in the end-to-end payment journey and we are keen to showcase how we collaborate, what products or functionality is available and how you can benefit from our broad-range of integrations.

For this showcase, we sat down with Vyne to find out more about their Open Banking offering, how their product works, and to share more about how Vyne and BR-DGE collaborate to bring your customers a frictionless checkout experience.

1. Please provide an overview of your organisation and what you do.

Vyne is an open banking provider, enabling merchants to boost conversion, reduce costs, and drive revenue. We have created a platform that is completely channel-agnostic and provides an end-to-end digital experience to businesses – whether it’s on a phone, browser, or in-person - making payments faster, simpler and cost effective.

We move money in real time between bank accounts, bypassing long-established, outdated card networks and their associated fees.

In short, our open banking payment solutions are:

Faster: Account to account payments happen in real time, meaning customers can make a cardless payment easily, which instantly settles in merchants accounts leading to an immediate boost in cash flow.

Simpler: We offer simpler and hassle free technology integration to improve customer experience and drive lifetime value. Payments at Vyne can be done by consumers in three clicks, and merchants can engage customers through more digital channels such as QR codes and pay-by-link, which can be sent by email, SMS or in person.

Cost effective: Our account-to-account payment solutions enable merchants to save money through significantly lower transaction fees.

2. How do you work in partnership with BR-DGE?

Our partnership with BR-DGE is all about the customer journey. This partnership provides greater choice for merchants who use the BR-DGE platform, optimising the merchant and consumer payment experience. BR-DGE merchants benefit from Vyne’s Open Banking solution, which enables account-to-account payments at a low cost for merchants. Each payment made through Vyne is also Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) compliant, dramatically reducing the risk of fraud for customers and merchants while eliminating chargebacks, all without impacting conversion.

3. Explain how your product / solution works.

Our checkout provides a seamless and secure experience that allows customers to pay from their bank account in as little as three clicks. Whether you are making a physical retail payment using an app or QR code, or an eCommerce payment on a hosted page or via direct integration, our checkout process works in every scenario. Vyne manages web and mobile hand-off to ensure a seamless experience despite the device you are using. The most popular banks are automatically displayed first, with customers having the option to search for their own bank alternatively.

Our unique payout options allow users to instantly pay partners, customers, or suppliers. This feature supports the marketplace model and can be integrated seamlessly into existing operations. For sectors such as remittance, this offers an advantage as customers have almost instant access to their funds. It’s our aim to deliver a consistent experience whether you are making a payment or being paid.

In addition, we provide merchants with distinctive refund features that allow them to offer instant and easy refunds to customers whether partial or in full. Merchants can issue refunds individually or in bulk, allowing for easy reconciliation with real-time notifications.

4. How important are partnerships to your organisation?

At Vyne, partnerships are integral to our success. We build long standing relationships with our partners and thus create user experiences that meet the needs of our customers. It is at the core of our business - improving the payment experience for merchants and customers alike.

The key to successful partnerships is to come together and develop a stronger proposition for customers. Partnerships that succeed are clearly defined, bringing expertise and insight to each other. They have mutual respect and understand each other’s strengths. Openness and transparency allow each partner to have candid discussions that mutually benefit both businesses.

We feel this is exactly how our partnership with BR-DGE is, and our merchants and customers are experiencing the positive results of our product offerings.

To find out more about how you can integrate with Vyne via the BR-DGE payment orchestration suite, get in touch with the team.

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