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Meet the partner: Total Processing

Meet the Partner: Total Processing


At BR-DGE we are growing an independent payment orchestration platform which enables merchants to connect and collaborate with a global marketplace of payment services through one single integration.

Our partners play a critical role in the end-to-end payment experience, supporting merchants to deliver a streamlined payment journey for customers, that is also secure and convenient.

In our Meet the Partner series, we showcase how we collaborate, what products or functionality is available and how you can benefit from our broad range of integrations.

In this series, we sat down with Total Processing to find out more about their extensive product suite, digital payment trends, and more about how Total Processing and BR-DGE are working in partnership.

1. How was your organisation founded?

Total Processing, founded in 2015, is now considered one of the fastest-growing fintech companies in the UK. The co-founders, who were former merchants themselves, experienced first-hand the difficulties and inefficiencies that often arise when searching for payment processors. Based on this experience, they took the initiative to form a payments company that addressed and solved these challenges.

2. Please provide an overview of your organisation and what you do.

At Total Processing, we prioritise delivering exceptional customer service and are disrupting the payment sector by offering flexible payment solutions for businesses worldwide. Our commitment to streamlining payment workflows, reducing costs and increasing revenue is at the forefront of everything we do. We offer a comprehensive suite of payment processing services, including online, point of sale and mobile payments, as well as a range of fraud detection and prevention tools. Our solutions are built with completely scalable and smart technology, and we're proud to currently serve businesses across Europe and MENA markets.

3. How do you work in partnership with BR-DGE?

We are excited to work in partnership with BR-DGE, sharing a common goal to enhance the payment experience for our merchants and customers while promoting their growth. As a result of our collaboration, we offer our merchants access to the latest payment solutions and tools, empowering them to provide their customers with a more flexible and seamless payment journey. By taking advantage of our partnership, merchants can maximise their revenue while minimising fraud, and ultimately, drive their business forward.

4. What current trends in digital payments are impacting your organisation?

At Total Processing, we are always at the forefront of digital payment trends and have noticed significant changes post-pandemic. As the world of payment technology evolves, we have observed a surge in businesses offering subscription services, inspired by the successes of companies like Netflix, Amazon Prime and Spotify.

To meet the growing demand for recurring payments, we have developed dynamic functionalities in our payment tools that fully cater to the needs of both merchants and consumers. Our customisable scheduling tools, optimised billing collection times, pay-by-links and account updater, among other features, ensure an optimal, scalable subscription business. We understand the need for ways to decrease churn and increase customer satisfaction, and our payment solutions are designed to meet these demands and stay ahead of the curve.

To find out about our partnership, check out our latest joint release.

For more information on how you can connect with Total Processing and maximise the partnership through BR-DGE’s orchestration suite, get in touch with the team.

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