Top 5 payment trends for 2022

The payments landscape is rapidly evolving, with new rules, alternative payments methods, and changes in customer buying behaviour creating a need for greater flexibility.

Tackling the turbulence in travel payments
Thinking like a retailer
Building a new payment marketplace
How much money did your business lose today?
How to keep your payment process running
What is 3DS2? How to stay compliant and keep ahead
The future of global ecommerce
The importance of insight for the management of payments
How to ensure you stay ahead of new market opportunities
Resilient and secure payments without spoiling the experience
Tactics vs strategy in retail payments
The ultimate guide to operational efficiency and fraud management
The greatest form of resilience is actually flexibility
Payments are a critical part of your customer experience strategy
The fundamentals of orchestration are being channel agnostic
Why do we need payment orchestration?

Do you know how well your payments work?

We’ve spoken to many ecommerce businesses who have no idea how their payments systems might be letting them down. Our free Payment Health Check gives you the insight you need to shift the dial on payments. A bespoke report will reveal the areas of payment failure in your current system and what we can do to rectify it. Get in touch and we'll send you an overview of what's included in the Payment Health Check.

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