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Enhancing fraud operations through network tokenization and payment orchestration


The payments landscape changes with every new card and currency, bringing greater returns to consumers and investors—and inviting unpredictable risk. Businesses are facing significant challenges in the wake of soaring year-over-year fraud rates—account takeover alone jumped over 354% in 2023, with industries like travel, retail, and fintech struggling against substantial upticks in fraud-fueled losses.

Watch our webinar with fraud prevention platform Sift, where you’ll get an inside perspective on payments and risk from industry experts. You’ll learn innovative tactics to reduce payment processing costs, improve performance, and stop fraud at the source, with actionable tips on aligning tools to your business.

Our Head of Partnership, Tom Voaden, joins Rebecca Alter from Sift and Melisande Mual from The Paypers to break down how the BR-DGE and Sift solutions work together to deliver a comprehensive fraud strategy for merchants. We dive deep into two crucial strategies for fueling secure, scalable growth, even in volatile and vulnerable markets: network tokenization and payment orchestration.

Expect to learn more about…

  • Payment orchestration best practices, optimization, and critical considerations
  • Why escalating fraud demands a comprehensive solution, and how to adopt a holistic approach to trust and safety that accelerates expansion
  • Strategies to mitigate the risks of network token adoption, like incompatibility with certain PSPs, and vendor lock-in

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