Managing margins across digital payments

With fierce online competition, you know how crucial each customer journey is. Just as you optimise user experience and point of sale promotions, you also need to manage the profitability of your payments journey.

With intelligent routing, a wealth of connections in our partner ecosystem and an extensive data suite to inform your decision making, BR-DGE payment orchestration can ensure you optimise each and every customer conversion.

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Optimise your payments profitability

Online spending is growing substantially year-on-year, which offers a wealth of opportunities for merchants to maximise digital sales, however competition is fierce.

As a crucial part in customer conversion, payments optimisation is important for managing your profitability and ensuring you maintain customer loyalty with a compelling online offering.

Whether you need to manage technical outages, address unnecessary card failure, or leverage your commercial arrangements with payment partners, BR-DGE offers a single integration solution.

From savvy intelligent routing, through to a growing ecosystem of over 100 payment providers, payment orchestration paves the way to greater payments profitability, by enabling you to optimise every single step for the journey.

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Deliver a customer-focused payments experience

A positive customer experience is critical in converting browsers into buyers and often influences longer term brand recognition and loyalty. In a fiercely competitive online arena it is vital you deliver a streamlined, end-to-end purchase experience and that includes payments.

To maximise your profitability, increase basket value, improve customer engagement and chance of repeat loyalty at the checkout, you need a compelling payments experience. BR-DGE supports merchants to offer a wealth of over 200 different payment methods, from e-wallets to Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) solutions, and provides the technology to integrate loyalty offers, point of sale incentives and a wide range of other payment services into the checkout experience.

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Get the full picture of your payments

In order to calculate your payment margins and profitability you need to have all the relevant data to work with. Often payment data can be hard to aggregate especially when it is coming from multiple different sources.

BR-DGE’s centralised reporting collects all your payment data from each of your channels and conveniently places it in a single downloadable report, which is easily modified for your own financial operations.

Having all your payment information allows you to measure your profitability in payments and accurately review suppliers. This gives you the freedom and control to choose which of your suppliers gives you the best services for your payment requirements. BR-DGE provides you with the tools, so you can make accurate and independent decisions.

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Navigate the challenges of transaction failure

Every online business suffers from unnecessary card failure, with a universal average highlighting that around 8.4% of card transactions fail.

Understanding the volume of failed transactions is useful data, but with BR-DGE we can help you understand the reasons for failure in the first place and provide opportunities for intelligent routing to further elevate your pass rates.

Check out our free payment calculator to see how much you could be losing.

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