The Payment Health Check from BR-DGE

Online shopping is growing year on year, particularly post-pandemic.

The convenience of being able to get everything delivered is so appealing. Between ordering and receiving, there is a process with numerous counterparts that can make or break the sale and if it’s failing, your customers have plenty of other options. Do you know how robust your process is and how it’s performing?

Number of transactions processedTransactions approvedTransactions declinedSales1000874126Current AcquirerCurrent GateawayCurrent Fraud ToolCurrentCheckoutCheckoutCS2/AVSDeclined transactions12.6%

Do you know how well your payments work?

We’ve spoken to many ecommerce businesses who have no idea how their payments systems might be letting them down.

Our free Payment Health Check gives you the insight you need to shift the dial on payments. A bespoke report will reveal the areas of payment failure in your current system and what we can do to rectify it.

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“62% of consumers who experience a failed transaction won’t return to the same seller”

What can you do about it? The first step in overcoming payment system failures is to understanding how the payment process works and where it can go wrong.

Revealing and understanding where your system might be failing.

We’ve developed a short process which will help you understand any points of weakness or failure in your payment system. We will need access to a number of reports from your current providers but the results will be well worth it:

  • Transactions reports
  • Failure reports
  • Fraud reports
  • System overview

At the end, you’ll get a concise report that will assess the relative ‘health’ of your system and show any areas of concern or failure, along with suggestions how to rectify problems and improve your payment flow.

Get in touch here and we can take you through the simple process and the amazing insights you’ll get.