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Kenwood Travel partnered with BR-DGE to offer a greater choice of personalised payment methods at the checkout and to provide a more secure, frictionless, end-to-end payment experience for customers.

With over 40 years of expertise, Kenwood Travel provides a first-class holiday experience and delivers the very best the sector has to offer in luxury travel. They specialise in a quick, easy and personalised phone and online booking service, meaning their customers’ dream escape is just a click or call away.

The challenge

As holidaymakers and passengers increasingly look for greater flexibility, choice and personalisation within the customer journey and at the checkout, Kenwood Travel faced multiple challenges to meet the growing demand from their customers. With an expanding international audience requiring greater choice of payment methods, through to industry-wide efforts to mitigate fraud risk by designing a secure, resilient payment process, Kenwood have embraced the latest orchestration technology to improve their entire, end-to-end payment experience.

The solution

Access to the entire payments ecosystem

By partnering with BR-DGE, Kenwood Travel now has real-time access to more than 100 different payment service providers and over 300 alternative payment methods via one single integration point. This allows them to easily make dynamic changes to the customer payment experience in order to improve authorisation rates, reduce transaction costs, and build in greater resilience to technical outages.

Greater flexibility at checkout

With BR-DGE Connect, Kenwood Travel customers receive a frictionless end-to-end luxury experience and greater choice through a range of alternative payment methods, with plans to introduce new options such as open banking. The tour operator is also the first UK merchant to offer Visa Instalments via BR-DGE. Holiday goers now have easy access to instalment payment options with clear repayment schedules shown at checkout, delivering a customer-centric and financially inclusive offering that enables customers to pay how and when they want.

Secure and resilient payment process

Kenwood Travel is leveraging BR-DGE’s extensive modular functionality. This ensures delivery of a consistent, secure experience at the payment checkout for holiday goers through a BR-DGE customisable Hosted Payment Page, backed by our encryption technology. With the multi-acquiring strategy also on the horizon, the tour operator will be able to spread the payment risk between providers, ensuring great resilience as the travel market continues to grow in demand.

Payment innovation at scale

In addition, corporate card surcharging with innovative workflows will elevate authorisation and optimise operational costs for Kenwood Travel the luxury tour operator. For travel providers like Kenwood Travel, onboarding BR-DGE is a simple and quick process and enables them to innovate at scale.

What Kenwood Travel had to say

“Kenwood Travel is delighted to partner with BR-DGE, a high-end payment orchestration technology, offering our clients a better payment experience. As the first UK tour operator to introduce 'Visa Instalments' in collaboration with Visa and BR-DGE, we at Kenwood Travel are thrilled to offer our customers enhanced flexibility in their online payment experience. This innovation allows for convenient instalment options, complete with transparent repayment schedules right at the checkout. We're proud to lead the way in providing holidaymakers with affordability, security, and convenience at every step of their journey.” George Koumi, Managing Director at Kenwood Travel

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