Secure payment details with centralised tokenisation

In a digital purchasing environment, delivering a great customer journey is all about providing a frictionless experience. To ensure a smooth transaction and maintain long-term loyalty, you need to securely capture and store your customers’ payment details.

At BR-DGE we provide a secure, PCI-compliant payment vault that enables you to easily capture, store and transact utilising centralised tokenisation. You gain the flexibility to move and adjust your vaulting strategy, and manage your customers' vital payment data, all whilst avoiding supplier lock-in.

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Manage your customers’ data from one central platform

You want to provide your customers with the very best online payments experience, every time. That means remembering who they are, and how they prefer to pay.

BR-DGE enables you to capture, store and tokenise payment methods, creating a smooth payment experience without putting data at risk. Tokenisation reduces risk from data breaches, helps foster trust with customers, minimises red tape and drives the technology behind popular payment services, like mobile wallets.

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Design a secure and resilient tokenisation process

Security is a vital part of any digital business, and it is especially important when handling personal and financial data. Customer loyalty is built on trust, and you need to ensure you capture and store payment methods in a secure and compliant manner.

BR-DGE have designed and developed a centralised tokenisation process with security at its core. Our payment orchestration platform enables you to secure payment details in our centralised vault and when you are ready to transact, you can use the tokens with any payment service all via a single API.

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Mitigate supplier lock-in with a centralised vault

As a merchant competing for loyalty in a crowded digital market, it is vital that you can offer the personalised and convenient experience your customers are looking for, and this includes a streamlined checkout experience.

Capturing and storing customer payment details is paramount to delivering a smooth customer journey, but this often leaves you tied in to individual Payment Service Provider (PSP) arrangements, limiting your ability to adapt and evolve your payments strategy.

At BR-DGE we are on a mission to empower merchants to design a more flexible payment process, and this means the ability to move your vault as and when your needs change. With centralised tokenisation, you can change your PSP and maintain control of your customers’ data to continually transact with ease.

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