How can payment orchestration support the retail payment journey?

The restrictions and limitations from the last two years have been a huge challenge for the retail sector; navigating complex and constantly changing rules, whilst trying to balance the omni channel retail experience, refund reconciliation and growing customer expectations.

From savvy customer-facing marketing, to streamlining the buyer journey, organisations like yours have been faced with dramatic digitisation to reach, convert and communicate with customers, yet the online payment experience often remains unchanged.

What is Payment Orchestration, and how can it optimise your payments technology?

At BR-DGE we are empowering leading high-street retail brands to take control of their payment process, putting the payment journey at the heart of digital conversion.

We recognise the challenges you and your business are facing, such as building online customer loyalty, using fragmented systems to review and reconcile data, and a need to keep pace with innovation across the payment space to evolve alongside customer demand.

Our simple to integrate Payment Orchestration Platform can provide you with the flexibility and agility you need to deliver a competitive and cost-effective payment experience, without changing your current digital payment partners, by simply using a single API.

Working with leading retail brands, we are transforming the payment journey, enabling you to:

  • Accept all payment types, to make sure you can transact in your customers' preferred format
  • Innovate at speed, adding new payment methods as interest rises amongst your customer base
  • Build greater resilience within your payments stack, by connecting to multiple PSPs in real time
  • Maximise intelligent routing tools, giving your greater flexibility throughout your global payment workflows, whilst providing greater commercial leverage to negotiate rates
  • Integrate your loyalty processes into your checkout experience, to build customer loyalty and retention
  • Stay FCA compliant during payment regulation changes

Interested to know more?

Download our introduction to BR-DGE here. It's a clear, simple, useful introduction to payment orchestration and a good precursor to having an informal chat with us. We're happy to talk about how it might be applied to your own business and the performance improvements you can expect.

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