How can gambling businesses increase revenue through payment orchestration?

A lot of work goes into directing customers to your online gambling site and persuading them to buy, then at the point they’re about to get over the line, their payment doesn't go through. This happens over and over again – and with 62% of customers forgoing a purchase when a transaction fails, it’s costing online gambling businesses like yours big money.

There are numerous reasons why an online payment might fail and many online gambling brands believe these failures are unavoidable - but that's not true!

What is Payment Orchestration, and how can it optimise your payments technology?

Bridge's technology optimises a businesses payment capability, improving the customer experience, elevating revenues and reducing operational costs, through a process called payment orchestration.

It’s being used by forward-thinking online gambling companies who know that securing revenue by all means possible is the key to getting ahead of the competition.

Unlike other existing orchestration or payment technologies, Bridge offers the ability to:
- Accept all payment types, to make sure you can transact in your customers' preferred format
- Connect to multiple PSPs in real time, meaning if one has an outage, that needn't affect your ability to take payment
- Automatically choose the most cost-efficent way to transact, saving money on expensive transaction fees
- Stay FCA compliant during payment regulation changes

Interested to know more?

Download our introduction to BR-DGE here. It's a clear, simple, useful introduction to payment orchestration and a good precursor to having an informal chat with us. We're happy to talk about how it might be applied to your own business and the performance improvements you can expect.

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