Thinking like a retailer

There’s something you might not know about BR-DGE.

It was all born out of a frustration with the challenges of implementing digital transformation in retail.

Our CEO, Brian Coburn, led the digital transformation of Stagecoach, turning them from cash to cashless, and witnessing the pitfalls and problems that a significant shift in attitudes, processes, and technology can create.

Things like; expensive or unreliable payment processing, or being held back from innovation by restrictive payment partnerships. Things that don’t just slow down transformation, but put everything at risk.

So why are retailers going through all of this in the first place?

Anything that stops you from taking advantage of changing trends is a huge problem when it comes to staying ahead of the game, particularly after the rapid growth of opportunities for e-commerce over the last 18 months.

Whether it’s Buy Now Pay Later, open banking solutions, or mobile wallets like Apple, Amazon or Google, being able to introduce and integrate new technologies at speed is game-changing for retailers, and without orchestration, costly and prolonged integrations in payments can become the blocker to transformation.

And don’t expect that to change any time soon. We’ve become a nation of smartphone shoppers.

Mobile wallets like Apple Pay were used for just under a third of all online transactions in 2020, that’s more than the 29% that used debit cards, according to Worldpay.

And in 2020, Buy Now, Pay Later methods, like Klarna and Laybuy were the fastest growing way of paying for things in the UK for the second year running.

These rapid changes don’t just relate to online sales, consumers have high expectations about their payment options offline too. Bricks and mortar stores need to provide a seamless experience between online and offline, as well as being prepared to deal with more granular changes or supporting services, like Click and Collect, or managing refunds.

Whilst a lot of these shifts have been accelerated by the pandemic, the beginnings of payment orchestration, and from where BR-DGE started, was with seeing these challenges firsthand. Things might be changing but the big issues stay the same:

  • Speed to market

  • Scalability

  • Meeting expectations around choice and experience

We understand these challenges, because we‘ve been there.

So, whether you're undergoing a total digital transformation, or you simply want the confidence to know you’re set up for the demands of the fast changing world of payments, have a chat with a team that knows exactly how things work.

And it’s because we are on the side of the retailers, and always have been, that BR-DGE will always be a service and platform for improving the way retail works, from the inside out.

We’ve got your back. Speak to our BR-DGE Builders today.