How to keep your payment process running

We’ve all been there.

“There is a problem with your payment.”

“Please contact your card issuer.”

“We are unable to process this transaction.”

“Error 404…”

It’s frustrating enough when you are on the receiving end of these messages, but what about the businesses that are losing or alienating customers every day with inconsistent and ineffectual payment processes? They want your transaction to go through but can’t control it.

The impact can be devastating. Generic customer interactions and broken payment journeys can jeopardise revenue, and reduce trust in the brand.

Businesses and customers expect more. And, with a global pandemic pushing more and more organisations to consider online payment alternatives, the pressure is on for ecommerce to create effective payments, end-to-end.

All of this is happening as the world of payments gets ever more complex, and with that, ever more opportunities to deliver optimum experiences. Competition is raising the game.

But still payments fail with a card not present, and not simply because the network is down. PSP outages, technical disruption, ineffective fraud parameters, authentication failure and security issues can all contribute to loss of sales.

The solution is to take control of your payment processes and build in better resilience.

For many organisations digital channels are often established in an evolutionary way, which can lead to channel and payment silos. In turn, this can result in multiple 1:1 integration with payment providers, creating complexity, inflexibility and limited control when it comes to customer insights and financial management. In other words, the customer journey becomes fragile and uncontrollable.

Payment orchestration creates a dynamic payment experience that is seamless for the customer, without requiring action on the side of the seller, all based on business logic. Automatic routing to the correct PSP depending on geographical location, preferred payment method, campaign or product, as well as avoiding PSP outages. Enabling businesses to act locally, as they grow globally.

So, it’s not just about reliable experiences, it’s about better experiences too.

BR-DGE gives ecommerce enterprises access to a wider pool of customers, whilst maintaining control of the critical part of their business. A common dashboard provides insight into why people have been declined across payment providers and why a payment has been routed, assembling different ports from different providers into a single view, and reducing technical and operational costs along the way.

With a resilient payment infrastructure you can rely on you can be sure that, wherever the payment takes place, intelligent routing will find the optimum pathway for it to process.

Because the message you really want your customers to see is:

“Thank you for your purchase, we look forward to seeing you again soon”.

To keep your payment processes running, contact the BR-DGE Builders.