Building a new payment marketplace

The way we see it, the more the merrier.

More choice, more opportunities, more security, more control, more flexibility, more ways to pay.

It’s really what the whole concept of payment orchestration is built upon; creating a new payment marketplace.

But sometimes it seems the more you want, the more you have to compromise because of restrictive partnership agreements with payment service providers.

Adopting or even testing new services becomes too expensive, or requires you to sacrifice too much in ongoing potential benefits.

BR-DGE makes this kind of adoption simpler all round, regardless of what you’re aiming to achieve.

Open banking

As the payments ecosystem gets more complex, orchestration helps forward-thinking businesses drive better outcomes, and that means bottom line revenue. And in order to utilise all that open banking has to offer, your payments stack has to stack up. Introducing new payment providers, and managing the relationship with them in a flexible and agile way isn’t just a ‘nice to have’. Now retailers need to be set up and ready to deploy best-in-class solutions for every kind of payment channel.

Niche payment services

Let’s say you want to partner with a niche FX service that enables your customers to see their currency exchange on screen, and only charges them 1%. Of course, this is a really positive experience for your customers, but not something you necessarily want to use all the time. A traditional partnership model might restrict the flexibility you need to adopt new services without disrupting your status quo, making this kind of flexibility out of the question. It’s not this way with BRIDGE, where flexibility is ‘best practice’, enabling businesses to trial new payment methods quickly and easily, without the traditional risks, time, or financial investment.

Third party fraud tools

Let’s face it, you’re never not thinking about the risk of fraud. It’s such a critical part of your payments strategy that you (literally) can’t afford not to put it right at the heart of your considerations. Payment orchestration takes these concerns into account, particularly when the orchestration is agnostic (as it should be), like with BRIDGE. Integrating fraud prevention tools that align with the most relevant processes and behaviours to your business greatly reduces risk, and helps you sleep better at night.

Loyalty cards

The lifetime value of your customers depends on your ability to retain them, and loyalty schemes are a highly effective way to ensure repeat purchases, but also capture important data. But often loyalty systems are not integrated with payment systems, and that means opportunities to upsell, resell, or interpret customer data are missed. Orchestrated partnerships create a holistic payment ecosystem where everything works in unison, just how it should.

We believe that partnerships should give you more of the good stuff.

More freedom, not more restrictions. More revenue, and not more costs.

That's why we created BR-DGE. To enable partnerships that add value to your payments ecosystem, creating a best in breed platform from one single integration.

Speak to our BR-DGE Builders today, to see how we can do that for you.