The fundamentals of orchestration are being channel agnostic

You’ve heard the phrase “build it and they will come”? We took that literally.

We didn’t expect to simply talk about payment orchestration and have enterprises knocking at our door to sign up for a technology that doesn’t exist yet.

In fact, that sounds like a crazy idea.

So, instead we spent three years developing the platform before onboarding any customers. We wanted to get it right the first time, because we understood what a hugely important step it would be for any enterprise to introduce payment orchestration into their business. Game-changing, in fact.

And that development period paid off. It meant that we were able to create something that was different by design. Intentionally offering unique functionality, delivered in a way that allowed retailers to create the optimal payment stack.

It all comes from being independent.

When it comes to payment orchestration, independence is a big advantage. It gives us the agnostic and democratic flexibility to stay on the side of retailers, regardless of the integrations they require.

We aren’t monetising the relationships they have with payment providers, and we don’t dictate the nature of those relationships. We simply make them happen. And because we know that one payment stack won’t suit everyone, BR-DGE is designed to be more nimble, allowing customers to pay in the way that suits them. That means more payment service providers, more merchants, more stakeholders.

A multi-acquirer approach to payment orchestration instead enables you to negotiate existing contracts or add new partners quickly and easily, at low cost and without all the internal headache that comes from moving or changing between providers.

Independence provides a commercial advantage too.

For large, complex enterprises, where millions or even billions of transactions are handled every day, why would you want someone else to own your acquiring relationships? And if you aren’t managing that many transactions today, you might be planning to grow internationally, and that means one day, you will.

The nimble, flexible and profitable way to orchestrate payments is through a provider that is independent.

Fortunately, that’s exactly what we are. And always will be.

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